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The Triad Club Scene offers a variety of ways to reach the web savvy 18 - 34 year old market.

Club listings, banner advertising, e-mail (Pointcasting) ads, special joint promotions and who knows what else (we're always open to new ideas).

Contact us and we'll work out a promotional campaign that fits your needs and budget. Please our handy Contact Form.

As a provider of entertainment opportunities:

Four types of listings (examples) are available on the site:

* Basic: a simple, low-cost listing.

* Linked: the basic with links to your website and an at your option email link.

* Deluxe: linked plus a mini-banner

* Premier: Deluxe plus a full page on the TCS website (updates additional).

Listings in the Club Calendar and on the Band Schedule page included with Premier, available at modest additional cost for other listings.

¯ Advertising in our own e-zines sent to targeted audiences on an opt-in basis only (never any spam).

¯ Joint-promotional tie-ins, including the “Need An Excuse” Promo. (See Official Days for some ideas).

¯ Special pop-up box promotions (highly restricted).

¯ Monthly Club Spotlight publicity promotional at no charge to you.

¯ In-bar promotional materials are included with certain listings. See the examples page for more details.


As a seller of good or services aimed at our target markets we offer:


Banner advertising (two sizes) with a difference: only two banners per page, no rotating banners (unless they are all yours) and no direct competitors on the same page. We can also link your banner to your site or to a page on our site.

We can design the banner or someone else can. For more detailed information Click Me!


We offer advertising in our own e-zines sent to targeted audiences on an opt-in basis only (never any spam).


And don’t forget the “Need-An- Excuse” Promotional Tie-in’s. Major cool!
(See Official Days for some ideas).


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