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Games & Stuff To Amuse You!

Arcade Games*

Stupid Games And Things*

Meet Mr. Push Me!

French Phrases For Seduction

Need a New Screen Name?

Still Need A New Name?

Space Invaders!


So You Think You're a HOT Lover?

Want To Know How HOT He/She Really" is?

Check the Love-O-Meter!

Black Jack

Captain Queeg's Marbles

Tic Tac Toe

Hunt The Wumpus


Dice Roller

Test Your Reaction Time ver. 1





Race Your Crabs!

Play Crab Race!


Test Your Reaction Time ver. 2


Death Valley Pong

Box Puzzle


Check Boxes

Need To Time Your Love Making?

Use The Stop Watch!

(It counts in milliseconds)

Slot Machine
Use back button to return

Rock, Scissors, Paper


Send coded messages!

Use the Magic Encoder/Decoder!



Use back button to return.

If you figure this out, let us know.

Catch A Spy


NOTE: If you get IE Java error messages, ignore them, the're wrong.

Ask Mustafa

State Trivia


(new Flash version at bottom of page)

Can't Decide What To Do?
Flip A Coin!

Need A Curse?

Try the Curse Generator!

They don't make a lot of sense, but they are funny and saying the words is a real challenge!

Deal A Round of Bridge

Can't Play The Hand, Just Deals It.

Chain Reaction

Break Out

An Interesting Variation on Pong


Opens In New Window

Towers of Hanoi

Unfortunately, we don't have written rules, soit takes a little time to figure it out. But there is a solution illustration.

Mystery Madlibs

On What Day Of The Week Were You Born?

Face Memory

Challenging & Interesting


Opens In New Window

Where Were You Born?


Five Questions To Test You

Lottery Number Selector




Random Number Generator

More Games


Opens In New Window


Opens In New Window

Draw Poker

Simon Says

Can You Repeat What The Computer Does?


Video Poker


Same Game

Clear the board before time runs out!


Minesweeper 2

Larger Field Of Play

Click To Flag A Square

Double Click To Open


An Interesting Two Player Strategy Game





Alien Attack 2

An Easier Alien For The Sobriety Challenged

(The sound doesn't work in this version)

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Tetris II

Another version of Tetris with interesting start setups that change with the level of play. But the speed is constant at all levels. Only 10 levels. The game is an advanced beta, so not all the bells and whistles are there.


The classic arcade game done in Flash


Mission To Mars

Safely Land the Explorer!

Very Difficult To Do.

Build The Mechanical Dog

Jungle Tic Tac Toe

Easy and Hard Levels of Play


Classic Jump The Pegs Puzzle

Jig Saw Puzzle

Pieces Lock Into Place When You Find The Right Place

Slot Machine 2

A Traditional Slot Machine

Click on Handle

Rubic's Cube

Los Simpsons

A Shooting Game

You Lose Points For Shooting Homer

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The Acarde Classic Returns in Flash!


Need A Snack?

Try The Vending Machine!

Space 3D

Shoot The Space Ships!



A Pacman Variation


Create A Face

Mind Reader

Ping Pong

Variable Difficulty Levels


Another Version

Quick Shot

A Basketball Shotting Game


Latin Squares


Shoot Attacking Space Ships

Star Fall

Not Sure You Can Lose (or win) This Game.

Billards - Sort-Of

Can't Play A Game, But Can Practice Shots

Grand Prix

A Kart Indy-Style Game


Paul The Penguin

He May Look Cute, But He Gets Off More Shots Than You!

Spot The Card

Your Basic 3 Card Monty


Use The Mouse To Blow U[p The UFO Invaders!

Play Russian Roulette!

Don't Do This In The Real World!

Personal Story Creator

Julius Caesar Madlib


A Shooting Game

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Shooting Game

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Requires the Shockwave Plug-in

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*The games and stuff are tested in the current versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. We are starting to test them in the current versions of Mozilla and Opera (Neither currently support DHTML, so some of the games will not work in them. That will be noted shortly.). We normally test in the immediately previous versions of IE and Netscape also. All scripts are cross-platform.

If a game or a stuff works only in one browser, that is noted under the link.


IE is fond of giving Javascript Error Warnings when there is nothing wrong with the script. So ignore them. Sometimes the "error" returned is standard HTML code, is correct and has nothing to do with the script. But what can you say, it's Microsoft!


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