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The links below are not endorsements of the organizations, parties or products listed. Rather they are sources of information and net defense products. You are expected to make your own decisions about using or not using any of the products or subscribing or not subscribing to any of the e-mailing lists offered.

Privacy Net: Offers web privacy protection information, including an excellent discussion of what Cookies are, what they can do and how to turn them off or limit the setting of them on your computer.

CNET: Excellent source of computer and software information, computer industry news and current events. A must for anyone wanting to start reasonably current in this fast moving world. They also offer a variety of freeware, shareware, demos and free downloads. They also have an e-mailing devoted only to downloadable software.

CNET Downloads - Search for Firewalls: This link takes you to the free and shareware download page, do a search for firewalls. If you are using a cable modem, firewalls are strongly suggested. Search the CNET site for information on this topic as it applies to your type of net connection.

Norton - Antivirus/Net Privacy by Symantec: Established firm with a high quality antivirus program. The link takes you to the main page, from there you can get product information, virus definition updates and information on viruses from their Antivirus Research Center (the Center's information is available even if you do not use their antivirus product. For Windows users there is a new privacy software that provides additional protections beyond antivirus. Hopefully, there will be a Mac version soon.

McAfee Antivirus/Firewall: Another provider of antivirus and firewall software. This site sets cookies and to fully use the site, registration is required. So we don't know a lot about it.

icann: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers: These are the people that developed, modify and regulate the world of ISP's and domain names. If you are at least 16 years of age, have a valid e-mail address and a valid snail-mail address, you can join (no charge) and actually vote on their decisions. So, if you join, get yourself informed and be responsible, your vote will effect all of us.

ICANNWatch: An independent organization at follows and reports on ICANN and ICANN related activities.

Electronic Privacy Information Center: The name says it all. An excellent source of current events and threats to on-line privacy.

The Risks Digest: Forum On Risks To The Public In Computers And Related Systems - Very interesting postings regarding computer software risks (like the MS Word may send all your revisions) and connection arrangments among other computer "stuff".

Cryptome: Not exactly sure what this site is all about, but it has some interesting articles on encryption, intelligence activities and counterintelligence.

Junkbusters: This site provides information and ways to stop marketers that invade your privacy on-line or on the phone. Also breaking news about problems with software products like MS Outlook.

American Civil Liberties Union: Well established organization that has a number of free e-mail newsletters that keep you up-to-date on current legal and juridical activities. You may be interested in more than just the one dealing with the web.

Link to ACLU updates on Cyber Censorship and Cyber Law

Libertarian Party: Tends a bit towards the rant, but their e-news provides information about government actions that impact you and your web usage. Often hard to find the same information elsewhere, even though the ACLU often includes it their e-mails.

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Send us your suggestions for sites and services that should be listed here. These links are provided with some comments, but without endorsement. They are here to assist you in further research and information gathering. Naturally, we have no responsibility for the content or the working order of any linked site.

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